In line with government order, school will reopen after Summer Vacation on the following schedule.

Monday 12/06/2023 for classes VI-X. School Timing 8:40am to 3:25pm

Wednesday, 14/06/2023 for classes I-V. Timing 8:40am to 3:25pm.

Thursday 15/06/2023 for LKG & UKG. Timing from 8:40am to 1:50pm

Monday 19/06/2023 for PKG. Timing 9:00am to 12:30pm.

Students are asked to report to school in time.


We are determined to achieve the highest standards

The school aims to take in the raw potential of young minds and hearts, and nurture them into confident, conscientious, creative and compassionate human beings, armed with the twin abilities of independent thought & decision making.


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